Rozgol's Haftseen Flower Arrangement Workshop

Rozgol's Haftseen Flower Arrangement Workshop

We are so happy you are joining our workshop on Saturday. Here are a few things you can prepare before the workshop to follow along and create your arrangement at the same time. 

1. A round compote or a bowl for the arrangement: the size of this should be larger than your sabze arrangement. You'd want to have about 2" or 3" extra space around the Sabze left for flowers. See examples 


Also a few options on Amazon Crate&Barrel Crate&Barrel JossAndMain West Elm

1. Oasis 8 1/2" ring holder: I usually use this size for my arrangements, however, Oasis also offers the rings in other sizes. This depends on your vessel (#1) used for the arrangement. For a 8 1/2" ring holder, a vessel with opening about 10" - 12" would be a great fit. You can find these on amazon or go to your local flower syndicate/wholesale flower shop. Alternatively, you can also use a flower foam block and cut it to fit your vessel.  



3. Sabze: if you haven't already grew your sabze, you can find fresh wheatgrass in many local farmer's markets, for example Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco always carries them. These are really pretty alternative to growing your own sabze and they fit well with the  8 1/2" ring holder.

4. Flowers and foliage: I like to use a set of various flowers with different colors and sizes. It is always good idea to find a filler flower like Wax Flowers for this arrangement. If Ranunculus are in season they can be a pretty option for your arrangement too, you can also add Hyacinth to this arrangement. You want to pick flowers that are not too bulky for this arrangement. Try to use flowers that would last for a longer time, so Tulips for example may not be a great option. You also need to get some green leaves for filling in between flowers too. Eucalyptus can be a good option, Bupleurum is beautiful and holds very well. Hellebores is another good option for this arrangment that would serve both as flowers and foliage. 



5. Gardening shears: using a good scissor for cutting flowers can make life so much easier, but you can use a regular scissor too. Here is the link to one that I have been using for years. 

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